Simone has done a superb job in helping my wife and I purchase a second home whilst still being able to keep the old one as a rental property. On our combined modest income, we did not think this would be possible in comparison to the type of house that Simone has just helped us to secure! It is double the value of the old one, yet the mortgage re-payments are almost exactly the same! She found us the perfect deal which was right for us and it now means that we have our dream home with no hassle what so ever!


Thank you Simone



I was in a business networking group with Simone, and based on her participation, enthusiasm, and dedication to the group, I can say that I would recommend her. She always came to the meetings on time, with a smile, fully prepared, and shared her many business connections with others in the group. She's definitely a team player and looks out for those she works with




Simone is very good with people. She loves her job and provides the best service to her client. She is extremely helpful. Me and my husband are very glad that Simone has choosen us the best mortagage offer. I do recommend her to eveyone who need a financial adviser. Ozi



Simone started by understanding my personal requirements, and her focus was to provide me with the right service at the best price. She is incredibly professional and easy to work with. Having dealt with Simone, I am keen to go back to her next time.



We recently printed marketing materials for Simone and what I discovered was she has an absolute passion for detail. She is one of those rare people who will examine the detail and push for total quality. At Cambridge Graphics our HD lithographic print was perfect for Simone who wanted to establish her new brand in the most proffesional way. Fantastic to meet someone who cares and looks after detail and this continues throughout her business. Simone is really delightful person and she lights up a room. Simone with her awesome enthusiasm comes highly recommended from me personally.



Simone listens to her clients and finds out what they really need. She then finds the best products and explains everything in an easy to understand way, which is especially helpful when it comes to financial matters! I would recommend Simone to anyone who has income protection plans, accident cover and critical illness cover policies that have been running for a number of years, as she will probably be able to save you money.



Simone is very personable, professional and with high integrity. We have helped with her marketing and writing features for the web and Simone's had great attention to detail in order to get everything 100% correct. Simone has drive and enthusiasm which is infectious, along with great confidence in her abilities.



Simone is fantastic to work with when faced with some of the tricky aspects of Mortgage, Protection and Wills. Simone will cut to the chase and guide anyone through a product in plain and simple terms - fast and efficiently and with a dusting of wit - an enjoyable experience. Simone is a refreshing change and a delight to place business with.



Simone is an inspirational person to know. She has a truly professional attitude with the desire and passion to help her clients have the best financial advice. She is a pleasure to be with and work with.



We used Simone's services last year and found she was professional and informative throughout the process - we would highly recommend this trustworthy individual.



I have no hesitation in recommending Simone on the basis of her technical competency, access to and knowledge of her markets and her honesty and straight forward approach when dealing with clients.



Simone is a pleasure to know. She takes time to make sure she understands your personal circumstances and I have no concerns about divulging confidential information, which is essential when making such a financial committment.



Simone was a person with complete dedication to her work and colleagues and I am sure she continues this in her new role as business owner of Beauwater. Her ability to see things that needed to be done and actually do it rather than talk about it was an example to us all. I miss her so much for her vision and clarity and speed with which things are accomplished. No sooner said than done !!! Bless you Simone.



Simone is a hard working individual who strives in customer satisfaction. Enthusiastic and efficient, she ensures that you fully understand the ins and outs in a friendly and approachable - a true pleasure to work with. Complimentary and loyal throughout.



Simone is without question the best financial advisor I have ever hired. I would (and have) recommened her to my customers without hesitation - I hope shows how good I think she is.


Client Comments